Project Management

the most efficient way to achieve your goals

Kerteza provides a consultant who will help you to achieve the desired change using a structured and feasible approach.

We support projects in various areas such as the optimisation of healthcare and goods logistics, quality and safety management, the implementation of ICT systems, the redesigning and merging of processes, systems, organisations and departments.

Whatever the size of your project – we take on the role of project leader or project consultant, depending on your requirements. The Kerteza consultant provides structure and coordinates the activities necessary to achieve the desired change.

What makes our approach unique is our use of a clear model for both complex and less complex organisational issues. We do this using our Kerteza 4-Phase Model® for organisational development.

To avoid a one-sided approach to a project, we focus on the complementary themes of strategy, management, structure, organisational culture, processes and HRM. These themes form the guiding principle of our 4-phase approach.

Together with you, we give direction to the project and work in phases towards the desired measurable result.

If you would like to know more about our approach, take a look at our customer case studies

Our services

Our services can help you to reduce costs, to eliminate waste, and to improve the quality and safety of the care you provide.






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