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At Kerteza, we do not only believe that healthcare should be better, we also believe that it can be better.

Together with your organisation, we will take the necessary steps to cut costs, improve quality and eliminate waste.

Discover our services below.

Project management

In a step-by-step approach, our Kerteza consultant will guide you towards the desired output, providing support and guidance during complex change processes.

Interim positions

Our consultants have wide experience in healthcare. We can supply professionals such as managers, project leaders and quality assurance officers, allowing you to guarantee continuity of your services.

Assessments and audits

Do you want to know how future-proof your healthcare organisation is? A Kerteza consultant will identify and assess the situation clearly and independently. Our report will help you to implement any desired improvement.

Incidents and emergencies

Our experienced and independent consultant will offer a format and an approach to identify root causes and to implement solutions. We deliver an unambiguous report with recommendations for improvement. 

Training and instruction

Kerteza Academy can provide training and education in a way that suits your organisation best.

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