Project Assurance Model®

Project Assurance Model®

The Kerteza Project Assurance Model® ensures a well-structured, step-by-step approach to our clients’ assignments and projects. Kerteza ensures that the agreed project result is achieved on time.

At Kerteza, every project is managed by a project manager. The Kerteza project manager communicates with you, the client. They monitor the progress and quality of the project by continuously checking the current situation against:

  • the planned schedule;
  • the quality;
  • agreements made;
  • any other agreements regarding the desired results.

At Kerteza, the work of the project leader is monitored by a program manager. Multiple simultaneous projects within one organisation are therefore monitored by the same program manager. The program manager monitors the project remotely to objectively ensure that the project result continues to meet the client’s requirements by:

  • Regularly evaluating the progress of each project together with the project manager;
  • Anticipating situations to prevent setbacks;
  • Serving as a sounding board and source of information for the project leader.

This enables Kerteza to constantly monitor the quality and progress of any project.

Project Assurance Model®; each project (P) is led by a Project Leader (PL: Kerteza consultant). The project leader’s work is monitored by a Kerteza Program Manager (PM).

Our approach

Together with your organisation, Kerteza will take the necessary steps needed to cut costs, improve quality and eliminate waste.







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