Conducting process or thematic audits

Conducting process or thematic audits

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, ensure that your employees are well trained to conduct professional process or theme audits within your organization.
When internal audits are conducted within a department or organizational unit, the context and chain are often lost sight of. Many processes and themes (such as quality improvement, risk management, equipment management, HRM, etc.) transcend a department or organizational unit. To gain insight into the functioning of these processes, audits are carried out in which all players in the process are involved. This requires separate skills from the auditors.
During the training, we use the reference framework that your organization wants to meet. In addition to quality standards (such as Qmentum Global, JCI, ISO, HKZ, etc.), you may want to comply with specific guidelines from a professional group or inspection. In the preparation phase, we tailor this training to the needs and wishes of your organization.


The keywords for the intended outcome of your next audits are objectivity, professionalism, process-oriented and methodical action.


This training focuses on the audit skills needed to properly prepare, conduct and report on an internal audit, with a focus on the coherence of the system. In addition to the individual links, a process or theme audit also pays specific attention to the interfaces between the various links.
Kerteza trains your employees to be internal auditors to perform process or theme audits. The auditors learn a practical methodology to test the process flow or theme throughout the organization.
The auditors learn:
  • How to conduct the internal audit starting from the basic philosophy of the relevant standards or reference framework
  • Conducting audits that align with the essence of organizational processes and/or themes, as well as the essence of the chosen reference framework
  • Practicing skills to prepare, conduct and report audits in a structured way
  • Creating a professional audit report for management


This training is based on the audit procedure of your own organization. All phases of the internal audit are covered step by step. Kerteza's developed case studies help participants to learn or sharpen the skills needed for the preparation, execution, and reporting of a process and theme audit.
The training is interactive. In addition to providing theoretical knowledge, participants are intensively guided during exercises. The trainer's knowledge and experience are continuously available to the participants.
In addition to this training with case studies, you can also opt for a practical variant, in which the auditors actually conduct a process or theme audit in your organization as part of the training (with coaching on the job). The practical training provides experienced auditors as well as multiple executed audits and audit reports.

Target audience

This audit training is suitable for all employees who will perform process or theme audits as auditors. It is also suitable for participants who wish to sharpen their audit skills.


The following topics will be covered during the training:
  • Building a quality management system
  • Processes, chains, themes, and their coherence
  • The purpose and interpretation of the (chosen by your organization) reference framework
  • Efficient and effective review and analysis of quality documentation
  • Preparation of the audit schedule for process or theme
  • Preparation for the audit
  • Various methods of conducting a process or theme audit
  • Interview techniques
  • Observation techniques
  • Communication and auditing skills
  • Creating a professional audit report

Training and Education

Conducting process or thematic audits

Kerteza Academy can organise training and education in the way that suits you best.

Conducting process or thematic audits

We offer instruction and training courses within your own organisation. These are fully customized to your needs.

Practical information: We offer training sessions and courses organised in your own organisation. These are fully tailored to the needs of your organisation. In consultation with you, we will determine which topics are best to focus on during the course. The number of participants, dates and location of the training course are also agreed in consultation. For more information or to request a quote, please fill in our contact form, call or e-mail us.

Certificate: Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation based on attendance and active participation.

Syllabus: At the beginning of the course, participants will receive a syllabus containing the programme, background information as reference, the slides to be shown, and exercises.

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