Advanced masterclass Internal Auditor

Advanced masterclass Internal Auditor

This training programme includes practical cases and a hands-on section during which auditors will be coached while conducting their audit.
An internal audit should provide relevant (new) information to help your organisation perform better. If you want the audits to be more effective, more in-depth and deliver professional reports, an advanced masterclass Internal Auditor can offer the solution.
During this one-day training on site, internal auditors will learn how to efficiently and effectively assess specific elements during an internal audit. The training programme is customized for your organisation, matching the experience level and questions of your internal auditors.


This training programme will ensure your internal auditors being able to conduct audits with new and fresh eyes, as well as learning the skills to gain depth in the audit and techniques to perform a professional audit.

Through additional audit techniques, a critical look at their own way of working and useful tips and tricks, participants will learn to assess the core of your processes.

The result will be a professionally executed audit and an accompanying report that will enable you to actually improve your organisation's performance.


This professional development training is provided over one day of classes. If you would like our trainers to give feedback to the auditors in practice, opt for the practical version (two days). The auditors will receive the same theory to enhance their expertise, and during the training, an audit will be prepared, executed, and reported with expert guidance from our Kerteza trainer.

Target audience

This training course is intended for previously trained internal auditors at any level.
Our trainers will customize the training to the participants, making it suitable for internal auditors with different levels of experience.


Kerteza will customize the training to your needs. Together, we will look at the development potential of your internal auditors and your internal audit system. During this training, we will focus be on specific elements of the internal auditing process so that auditors will become aware of what is essential for executing an audit.

Topics that may be covered include:

  • Questions from the group
  • Efficiently preparing an audit
  • Audit skills
  • Interview techniques
  • Interview technique exercises
  • How to perform a more in-depth audit
  • Professional auditing; tips and tricks
  • Auditing the essentials (using a relevant frame of reference)
  • Exercise 'observing differently'
  • Professional reporting
  • Exercise audit reporting

Training and Education

Advanced masterclass Internal Auditor

Kerteza Academy can organise training and education in the way that suits you best.

Advanced masterclass Internal Auditor

We offer instruction and training courses within your own organisation. These are fully customized to your needs.

Practical information: We offer training sessions and courses organised in your own organisation. These are fully tailored to the needs of your organisation. In consultation with you, we will determine which topics are best to focus on during the course. The number of participants, dates and location of the training course are also agreed in consultation. For more information or to request a quote, please fill in our contact form, call or e-mail us.

Certificate: Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation based on attendance and active participation.

Syllabus: At the beginning of the course, participants will receive a syllabus containing the programme, background information as reference, the slides to be shown, and exercises.

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