Risk-oriented auditing

Risk-oriented auditing

This workshop is offered as a two-day training.
One of the basic requirements in quality management is thinking from a risk perspective. Many regulations that are implemented will have their origin in reducing or eliminating risks. For many healthcare institutions, performing a risk analysis is a costly and time-consuming activity.
In this training, participants learn how to perform a risk analysis within their own organization in a practical and effective manner. The results of this risk analysis are translated into control measures that are embedded in the quality management system to increase patient safety.



The aim of the workshop is to:
  • Map the laboratory process
  • Gain insight into the choices that need to be made to implement risk management
  • Understand the various methods to apply risk management
  • Be able to use identified risks as input for decisions in the quality management system.


Based on presentations and practical exercises, you will become familiar with applying risk management in your laboratory.
A limited number of participants ensures a high level of efficiency. During the lessons, the teachers make their experience fully available to the participants.


Target audience

The training is intended for individuals who will be applying risk management in the short term or those who want to gain knowledge about risk management.


During the workshop, the following topics will be covered:
  • Human behaviour/human error
  • Introduction to retrospective incident analysis
  • Methodology for conducting retrospective analyses in a systematic way
  • Case studies
  • Interview techniques to support the analysis
  • Investigation of root causes
  • Classification of root causes
  • Building in barriers
  • Proposing and establishing improvement measures
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • System-level incident analysis
  • Learning lessons within the organization based on (near) incidents.

Training and Education

Risk-oriented auditing

Kerteza Academy can organise training and education in the way that suits you best.

Risk-oriented auditing

We offer instruction and training courses within your own organisation. These are fully customized to your needs.

Practical information: We offer training sessions and courses organised in your own organisation. These are fully tailored to the needs of your organisation. In consultation with you, we will determine which topics are best to focus on during the course. The number of participants, dates and location of the training course are also agreed in consultation. For more information or to request a quote, please fill in our contact form, call or e-mail us.

Certificate: Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation based on attendance and active participation.

Syllabus: At the beginning of the course, participants will receive a syllabus containing the programme, background information as reference, the slides to be shown, and exercises.

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